They were 60, we were 4: Tiago, Akali, Nabi and I.

60 from the Ukraine, mostly Kiev.
That's something, I can tell you. Unique energy there.
Here we are, they say (in Russian or silently), open, happy, welcoming, trusting, looking forward oh so
much. We know it's going to be great for us all.
That's how they are, hereabouts.
Every time.

Except it all grows each year, the openness - and the receiving. Everything that happens there works for all, it seems.  All but one of the 11 new people joined the Goosehood. Plus 3 children. Lots of mostly personal questions, lots of answers. It all took me 2 hours instead of the usual one. A photo at the end. See it on top. That's how they are. How you see them - joyful, grateful. In between my annual visits, Tiago goes, including a Women's Group, Abava goes, and recently Nabi too, on her own, as well as always coming with us too to help - and cook, since years. Then on top, over the years, an Energy Training, a Diamond Yoga Training, and a Sunflower Training too, leading to me making extra visits to contribute. More & more they come to Europe, for seminars like the X-Runs, Love & Beauty - and the OPTs, as well as Streaming with us here in UNACHO - all this increasing in numbers and frequency due to the easing for them of old travel restrictions. They come into 'Europe' even if their country itself doesn't yet come.

My flight was delayed, and the car trip in, with Sarvasati and Hawana (our regular & constant translator there) took ages through the rush hour traffic, so we were not underway till 21.00. And there they were already, waiting patiently & totally. I said to the others, "We can go home now, they are already 'there'."

Much direct work followed. Once in a circle, all holding hands, individual work took place in the centre, again & again, affecting everybody each time. Then said Tiago, "I have never seen you work in this way before," - so it must have been very special.

There, there is no mind, no resistance, they just drink the work in like mother's milk.

And we all just fall in love with them.

There was the usual open party on Monday evening, at Sarvasati's really nice apartment. They bring food and eat and chat and enjoy and then come and sit with me, with us. Usually I give a little boost talk, but not this time. But they sat on still, expectantly, so in the end I told them how much we all appreciated their love & dedication, and spoke of our love & appreciation of that.

Then towards their departure time - announced - some came one by one, to tell me how their times with me, with us, had transformed them and their lives so much, and how they felt so blessed by it all, beyond words.

This was my 21st time, successively, to give an annual Group there, all beginning in 1997, following a few seminars in Russia - in Moscow and then St Petersberg. Then some Ukrainians who were there, together with Tiago - who was already going to Kiev, working with disabled children, also in the aftermath of 'Chernobyl', decided to bring me to them - and others - in Kiev. And what a cosmic meeting that turned out to be - and has more & more become so.

This expanding consciousness there, through this Work we do, adds to the gradual development of the same consciousness in the country itself. Due to the poor economy there in Ukraine they are more or less all poor, but despite that they give & give, in so many ways - they have anyway translated into Russian three of my books, ALL the meditations are available in their language too, and every year the bookshop is busy, always including many 'personal cards' - this time around 20.

So Kiev for us is not just Kiev. It is at the heart of our worldwide work of energy & transformation.