KIEV,   30/9 - 2/10/16 :: A BLOG

Arriving there in Kiev, Sarvasati & Hawana meeting me, stepping outside the airport, my heart lifted - here are our Ukranian Wild Geese, so many intent on flying, reaching, enjoying each moment - and leaving no trace.

Through the usual heavy traffic to this University, where Saranda holds a high position, and where we've been going for my seminars for years, but in a different room, waiting there to greet me were Tiago & Nabi, who arrived already a couple of days before, and also Akali who again came to assist. A bath - installed there especially for me some years ago, a bite to eat, a coffee - and we were off, to meet the 60 waiting joyfully and open, just 8 newcomers this time, otherwise familiar and well-tested faces, here for another jump, another energy embrace...All so easy, with their total presence and openness, and in no time we were off.

Tiago also comes, in various guises, sometimes Women's Groups too - needed in this land! (about 10-12 men here out of the 60...), Abava comes too, and Nabi, so lots of the energy explorations and meditations are done then - AND some meet here regularly too for all that, so I felt it up to me to do plenty of individual energy sessions – round & round, up & down... creaking a  bit by the end of sessions...

At times too, mostly first thing, we sat together in silence, and though, with few exceptions, I only meet these guys once a year, the energy of our silent sittings together was equal to any in this part of the world...

We stayed this time in Sarvasati's apartment in the middle of town, lessening the usual jouney to and from by quite a bit. She - Sarvasati - also made fabulous soups for us each day, and it was Nabi's job in the evenings to make dinner at the flat after each day's work, and from her too early breakfasts...

The name-giving included 3 youngsters - 2 teenage daughters of Maitri and a nephew of Satri (who is very much part of 'the staff' there). He was about 8 years old - came bouncing in to see me in my private space for the finding of his name - Hriday (pure heart) - absolutely relaxed and smiling like it was all a great new game, then in the group itself, just later, where he was actually given his name, he was just the same, and then after that he sat right there in the very middle of the front row, and never stirred but watched and listened with open ears, as I ran through all the questions for the best part of an hour. A remarkable young fellow!

Monday night was as usual party night - for about 25 close ones - they bring food and drink, and just sit down in groups (that change) and eat, drink and connect, this time not sitting in a group before me, leaving me to take charge or take the attention at least, so for the first time I (gladly) got away without a party talk.

Name confirming is done differently from here - in the past letters both ways getting lost in the post so it's confirmation by email or via Kievians coming here for groups, OPTs, X-Runs... and back the same way. So far, till Hawana comes for the OPT leg next month, I have only got two, one says, 'Thank you for giving me wings, I really felt them with you and it was incredible." The other: "This wonderful gift from the Universe, this meeting with You. It has opened the world anew. I have never experienced such lightness in my soul and body. This is the new date of my birth, new Self, new hopes, new life. Thank You from the depths of my heart."

So Kiev is jumping!

Even back here, preparing for this week's WOSP, I can feel it. Kiev and Denzlingen: twin towns!


LOVE!  Michael