A BLOG :: 17-28 October 2014

Twelve days away, in the Kiev Wild Goose Feeding Grounds, open beaks, open hearts – how we enjoy these visits!
Their openness, their support, their appreciation – their flying...

flying…did you know even young birds have to be taught to fly? We have such a school there, in Kiev, in the Ukraine…

First off, right away on arrival – an Open Weekend, around 70 people, and, because this Open Group was part of the Sunflower Training, it included the members of that Training. This time (times are tough, also economically and the local currency gets worth less and less v the dollar) only ten new participants – all of whom got cosmic names at the end and joined the booming buzzing energyfield there.  Some riches then anyway.

The conflict in their homeland affects people a lot of course, some more than others, more so in a country, as one local Wild Goose said, “where nothing goes anywhere anyway.”

Well we do, and perhaps that’s part of the appeal…

More & more the Wild Geese there become Europeans, and this in the west of the country most people want too, and have made that clear in the way they voted a few days ago.

In other ways too. When I first visited there – 15 years ago now, it would take me an hour to get through passport control, find my luggage, go through customs; this time the whole procedure took me about ten minutes. At first the airport there was the size of a small town hall, and a decrepit one at that; now it is huge, shiny, inviting – you could be in Munich, Copenhagen…and so in so many ways, the doors and the roads are opening…

In addition, as far as the WGC is concerned, ten or more from our Energyfield there in the Ukraine have hit Europe, some of them a number of times, to join our OPT Trainings and also my personal X-Runs, and fitted in of course perfectly.

Akali flew in for the weekend, to help assist on this Open Weekend – and, coming from East Germany, he speaks Russian into the bargain. Tiago was there with me throughout, each moment really; it was she who first came here, even before I did, and apart from always supporting me when I go, goes alone, or withNabi (or before, Abava), and provides her own sort of loving and hammer magic, for which she is deeply adored…

During the 3 day break we had before the upcoming Training, we were once again ensconced in this very smart dacha, the property of Sarvasati and her husband, Pramod.
Nabi joined us, to cook, and to help on the seminars. (She brought with her a hacking cough, which became part of the décor the whole week!) She’s a great cook – as is Sarvasati who provided fantastic soups for us every lunchtime, for the whole time we were there.

On the Monday evening following the Open Group, there was as usual an Open Evening at the dacha. About 30 people came, bringing food and wine with them. There wasn’t so much chat-chat amongst them so once again they ended up sitting around the sofa that Tiago and I were relating and relaxing on. There they were.

I had no words. But then they came. That the Energyfield there had grown a soul, and so would survive (having told them the Gurdjieff tenet that we are here on Earth in order to grow a soul; if we did not then when we die we go to feed the moon!) Then I spoke about the Richness of Sensitivity (see another coming blog.)

This year there it was too cold to be out in our free days (at the end, at night, it was -12º!) but we were not complaining,
lazing, chatting, snacking, reading – a very welcome break.

On the Thursday the 2nd Sunflower Training leg began (Tiago had set it off earlier in the spring, with Nabi)), with 36 participants. As there was as yet no city heating they had to find a place that had its own, which Sarvasati did, though it wasn’t easy as places available were on alarm at the possibility of terrorism, and so we ended up in a dance school, with limited space, and right at a roadside busy with buses, trams and other traffic. Bu once we got going that hardly mattered.

Soon we were all in an energy cocoon, and there we stayed throughout. We kept there, we sat there, we moved in there, we made fun, danced, explored, connected,  and in some cases, disappeared.

“He who finds himself will lose himself, and he who loses himself for my sakewill find himself.” (Jesus Christ).

Could anything be clearer than that?

And so one more day, when our wonderful supporting local assistants came, and all the admin things dealt with, goodbyes made (“See you again in March”, this time I was able to say), and then early next morning off on the long busy run to the airport (a doddle! Both the run and in the airport itself), landing around midday in Zurich, and , with a stop for coffee and sandwich home with Mishka, to reconnect with our equally wonderful team here at UNACHO.