Denmark 12/14 SEPT :: A BLOG

Syddjurs, on Jutland – what a place! what an area! Everywhere free open land, woods, cows, sheep, scattered houses, many of them Holiday Homes, tiny villages, the odd car! Surrounded – on both sides - by the sea. Protected, like a National Park. Otherwise, a hundred hotels would go up in no time.

Where the group was: a Tibetan Buddhist retreat house. Where I stayed – close by in one of those holiday houses – and very nice & fresh it was too.

But difficult to reach for those (all but very few!) who do not live there: trains, a ferry, a bus, then another bus, and finally a healthy walk to the place itself.

So they were 30 heroes, plus Tiago and me.

The grouproom had to be somewhat cannibalized, to suit us: most of those, sometimes rather fierce and gory, Tibetan pictures covered up, one area closed off – but what remained was ideal.

People stayed there – simple & cheap. Dokusan, longtime Wild Goose musician, member of The Surrender Cowboys music group (new CD just coming out) and my official host there, cooked for all, in with us in the seminar only for the Q&A.

Every session was ‘hot’. Every session I got round to all, more or less. Or they got round to one another, along with the cosmic energy. So everything just happened, drawing all into the arms of the cosmos.

Preparations were considerable – down to Shintai, Mayadevi, Tiago & Mukti. Shintai and his lady drove more than 1000 kms from their home to contribute in many ways to this weekend.

Including ferrying me from and to the airport in Aarhus, back and forth from group place to my residence, and on Sunday evening to Dokusan’s for a home dinner (again cooked by the host). And  both contributed in many other ways too. Otherwise, Tiago took care of things (many!)

As we were finishing off on Sunday afternoon, customers for the next event were mustering. The event? A 3-month non-stop meditation course – for the very brave! All to find a way out of the busy mind.

As the Buddha said: The mad mind does not stop. When it stops it is Bodhi. Bodhi means enlightenment.

My way is to escort you to a dimension where the mind (more or less) stops on its own accord…

So despite the grandeur of the land there, the beauties, the simplicity, the warmth (and the sun shone too!) we do not go back there next year (after 3 years).

A decision made by my Danish team. Sad for me, but I don’t argue! They say, too hard to reach for many.

Did you know that the Blue Butterfly in Langebaek is coming to an end? That Varuni is very soon moving out of her home there – which has housed so many of my groups (and many others too)?

She will move to Copenhagen, find a place there to live and work and give her meditations and seminars.

The next Danish group is to be in a new Seminar House just a little further on from Langebaek, reserved already for mid-June next year. Then in the autumn we (that is, the team, plus Varuni) will find a place in Copenhagen itself for an Open Weekend also.

Things thrive there in Denmark in our Energy Openings and Travels – always did – and very much from the very beginning!

And, leaving by plane Monday afternoon was still not the end of the weekend for me. Domini, another great WG musician, drove 60 kms from home just to meet me at Copenhagen Airport for a half an hour coffee time between planes. Then in Zurich, where I landed, Mishka, of course, was waiting, and then we met up with Kozan, San Chi & Aranta for a great family dinner. Then, at last, home! Blissed out.