BERLIN 30/10 – 1/11 2015

Let It Come. Let It Be. Let It Go



Well, there, in Berlin, there was a door that opened…

No pain there.

Is that what they were talking about?

These Masters on Pain? (see my last blog)

I wasn’t much out of my chair, these days.

But that energy was everywhere.

That’s what we guys bring.

And it’s independent of us, those who bring it.

So came this talk – from going through that door:

The Depersonalizing of Masters.(Very worth a listen)

There’s always an affinity between a student/disciple and a master, but that’s just the road you take:

To – that which is independent of the master-person.

Is that what Jesus meant, what he means -to Christians in particular? In dying, crucified, he was bearing the sufferings of all?

This came from a question on Sunday afternoon, one I could not answer – which never happened to me before, not so completely (see Q&A: What Was Jesus Up To?) So I had to ask help from the group…

Ah! Opening the Way! Finding the Way, Knowing the Way, and in doing so Opening the Way for all! Maybe!

Maybe that’s what it points to…

On a body level it was quite a tough weekend.

Thank God Mishka accompanied me, she was my saviour many times.

The new seminar room was 5 floors up, no lift. No way!

So I was chaired up, chaired down, afloat on a kind of large sarong and borne up and down by the guys. I felt like a sahib in the jungle. Floating.

Everyone there caring as needed – escorted everywhere needed, lunchtime body sessions too, all sorts of helping medicines and treatments from our knowing people there…

The hole left by the absence of my usual moving activity got filled. Something new came. Very precious. Very powerful.

We did it. We all did it. With the help maybe of Jesus, Buddha, Osho, and all the past Masters.

Was there a door that opened? – as it says in the poem titled, If We Meet Again, in the poem book, and there it is again in the IOTO meditation. Was there a door that opened?


Today, Monday, we were again in Bühl (again for hours) and after it, again, things are easier. Maybe we’re on our way, slowly.

And on our way to Leuven in Belgium on Thursday we certainly are, both Mishka and I.

May the door stay open! LOVE! Michael