LOVE & BEAUTY (part 3 of 5) at Gut Alte Heide near Cologne
29/3 - 2/4  2017  :: A BLOG

Great group room, lots of space, another gathering in harmony from the word Go. Mostly great weather, indicating walks in the lunch break, also for some, in the early pre-breakfast mornings. But also plenty of travelling in our group space too, of a different kind.

And the food there is just terrific! Best anywhere. And great staff too...

Some themes of the L&B Course this time:

He/She who finds the moment finds the eternal moment.
An MB special. What does it actually mean? Offers: it means if you are totally in the moment that is all there is. So! Then a later deeper offer: behind, underneath, whatever might happen, there is a presence-energy that is always the same. That's the eternal moment.

Finding true nature. Your own. Then you are always at peace. Nothing to be done, so no disturbances, and anyway you are in the timelessstream - that goes nowhere, but includes you in it.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. (Lord Acton) (all dictators, and many would-be dictators, and many petty ones too.) In the East they say there are eight levels of enlightenment, and up to the 7th, and including it, 'Arrivals' can still use the power they gain for their own intentions and desires. On the 8th this is no longer possible, all actions can only be to help others.

Spiritual teachers? Corruptible? Sometimes, still. But  some are incorruptible...

Then, the Michael Walk, but with a final goal - to meet another - however and whenever and wherever it may happen, that one standing facing you from across the room, to meet that other in the end, but when & where & how - will emerge - eventually...Quite wonderful session!

Saying a total yes to what is going on, also in oneself, see it all as movements to health and the positive, so even if it 'looks' negative, switch and see it as positive - so it can emerge so, in the end. The Streaming Meditation we did then, without any attempt to 'make' streaming happen. Just awareness and acceptance. Mind-blowing. Relief like freedom from prison.

The goal is in no direction.(Zen) Making the MB Walk becomes then a revelation, a real pointer on the Path (everyone says!)

Everything you need is in this room. True. And many people found much in these days. Here are some extracts from post-group mails:

This one very special & liberating for me. A blessed thank you. More and more I honour you as a and my master. Just taking what you offer.

Huge Thanks for this wonderful cosmic discovery trip. Thanks for this great Love and Beauty leg.

Astonishing, amazing, wonderful, beautiful...harmony, fulfilment, eternal Love! What I feel now is FREEDOM!

I felt very much how important it is not to just enjoy and explore but to take it in and live it totally. The Michael Walk with a goal was also an eye-opener. This I can so often use in my life. It is a wonder and true beauty to watch you there.   Shanti

Beautiful blessed days, with so much love & care between all of us, and such strong teachings...then with the Energy Streaming without streaming, saying Yes to all the pains in my body widened to all the pains in my heart& soul, feeling the preciousness of this poor sweet old body, the compassion for the pain of all the people around me, in their hearts, in their lives.

It's wonderful the way it is. It shoots down in my head, I don't know. Thank you.

Next up for L&B's - August in UNACHO.

And look out for news of L&B's successor for 2018/9...