Gut Helmeringen 25-29 January 2017

So there we were, out in the countryside, right by one of the German Atomic Power Stations, still thriving and pumping it out, just a kilo or two up the road. 44 L&B's, and me, all gladly meeting again after 5 months, happy so despite the bitter cold - down to minus 12 in the early mornings it was the first days, but the heating in the Seminar Centre there was just great, so we were cosy, and by lunchtime, walking time for some, it warmed up a bit outside, and a few hardy ones even came into the dining room for breakfast in the early morning, clearly having braved the icy conditions, and at the same time looking in some pain!

What did we get up to? Something new about dealing with (so-called) negativity, practising 'the Michael Walk', as opposed to the Tao Walk - this being a way of walking without aim, letting each moment decide the next move, or non-move; a fantastic dance session, the last on Saturday, with Vasra leaping and bounding around the room as usual like a teenager +, ending up as usual in his underpants, people letting loose all the newly gathered energy in a celebration, plus all the usual gains - and losses - as everyone moved closer & closer to joining the One&Only Energy from which we all come.

Here are some reports:

Shanti: What a group! Many times my eyes were in tears just because of the Beauty in that room. The Teachings clear and direct. And I know I have to find my way to 'that place' eventually. It is a wonderful life.

Sasini: I am so grateful for this past L&B seminar. I felt so nourished and completely happy to be there. I had a rebirth and it is not by chance that you made in the group an energy card with that title - Rebirth Tree, it is with me now and when I look at it a smile opens on my face and I feel connected to you and the whole group, light and happy. And during a session, through the window, I got a view, and for the first time in my life I saw nature. Everything was alive and I was part of it. As if my eyes were seeing for the very first time.

Om: Fantastic - again! At the disco on Saturday night, (after having had dinner with a bubbling master), as I opened the door I was struck by the soft and united energy in the room. Although nobody was dancing together, also nobody was individual or separate. It felt like a beautiful, soft glowing circle. Like orange lava circling around. Amazing!

Bindu: You told me to be in my belly, and it came like thunder. And you were right, with the belly being directly connected to the cosmos, it all began straight away to dissolve. Again I am amazed about life, so dynamic.

Garando: You know I'm a man of few words, but...there's a smile in me. About life. Bountiful harvest.

Galaya (who took care of me, and my guests, at meal times): It was really a pleasure to do. Being close to your presence, it was somehow effortless and natural, and I fell deeper into the heart. Discovering myself in a fresh and new way every moment. What other people think of me dissolves, has no impact anymore. It makes me humble, shy, totally touched, aware, a calmness comes over me. My system getting cleared out in a gentle and loving way.
Thank you with all my heart.

Barathi: Thank you so much for the wonderful Love & Beauty jumps again! So much unfolding love, peace, simplicity and beauty over and over again - all of us diving more and more into it, melting into presence and flying into nowhere...leaving obstacles behind.
Back home I heard from a close friend of mine that her father had died. Suddenly his energy was there, so present - I saw him laughing and with shining eyes looking at me, showing me that he is fine right now in his different state of being, no pain, no suffering, so much love was flowing from him to me and & beauty in another facet.

Examo: You and your work, such a joy to be part of THIS; experiencing and sharing the huge healing that occurs in these groups. And the feeling that at the same time our world is becoming better for all.

Well, what they say matters more I guess than what I say. Just to add that I had a trouble-free week from my usual night-time bellyaches, slept well too, and enjoyed every minute of our L&B time together.

Fortunately this time we don't have to wait anything like so long till we meet again - already in March. The troops are marching in silence and stillness, in love and joy, in dance celebrations, to The Promised Land.

That's clear.

And doesn't the whole world need it?!


(with a drawing by MB from Poona in 1975)