HITTING HOME! 3-5/7/15


Today, Monday, at home after the seminar, I was delighted to discover (I did not ‘know’ beforehand) that the title for this group was what it says above: Hitting Home! I never do know the group titles when I go, or when I’m there, as these are chosen – of course! – months before, and so often when I learn what the name was, after the group, it turns out to be spot on! So - here again.

Hitting Home!

And the title I gave to the Q&A from Sunday afternoon, again when I got home, was Munich H2O. When those 2 elements come together, in the right proportions and in the right way, they produce water, the water of life.

And so it was. We came together Munich & I, in a perfect way.

So all this has a history! Munich has always been for me a difficult place, and the area around it, in Bavaria, too. I’ve been doing groups there since back in 1980, in my sannyasin times, and later on, the area brought, on successive nights over a group in the countryside, the two worst nightmares I’ve ever had in my life. Then a car crash as someone taking me to the airport, turned off into a Tankstelle, and hit the post with the sign of the petrol brand on its top, right between the eyes. The car overturned, we crawled out, shaken but unharmed, the car a write-off, my assistant at the time, travelling with me, called a taxi, and we were soon off again, but…it happened to me. Other things too at other times. The devil was in the exchange somewhere, it seemed…plus of course (not to be ignored as a factor) it was a stronghold for Hitler and Nazism in general…

So once, after such a group, I was being driven to the airport afterwards by Rhea Powers (when she was for a while a Wild Goose) and her partner, Wild Goose, Prana, and I told her about all this, in the airport carpark, so in the car still, she offered to give me a Reincarnation session, there and then – me in the front passenger seat, she behind. Of course I said okay! (Seldom do I not!) So after the usual formalities, and searching around a bit as she went into a trance, she came up with this; that in the past I had been a Roman general at war in Bavaria, and that my whole army had been slaughtered (Not me presumably, probably escaped in my Porsche chariot) and that this had totally broken my heart, and led to a certain lack of peaceful energy lines between me and Bavaria…

For a number of years I stopped going there for seminars altogether. Then we started again fairly recently, and it had been okay, okay. This time it all Hit Home. And the mix was close to perfect: Munich H20.

And in this Q&A, Filisa, from the Czech Republic, wrote that she had heard about this Reincarnation Session, and – Did I take it seriously?

Did I believe it? Did I feel it to be true? I answered – Neither way, really. Neither believed nor rejected. Who knows? That’s my usual response to far-out things that people say happen, or happened to them – eg talking with fairies in the wood – my response is pretty always – Maybe! So many things in life are possible that lie outside ‘the normal range’ of human experience, so why not that? If the Roman general story is true, and bringing it into the light worked, then it may have contributed. But I don’t ‘believe’ and I don’t dismiss either.

It was on the whole, in the grouproom, a quiet time together. It was clear to me that I should just let the new energy build up, not interfere much, and so it was. No exercises, just being together in the space, and letting the new energy do the work. Finishing up with a great teaching – and really, entertaining! - Q&A (recommended for all!) and a long ovation from the participants, so it clearly worked out well for them too. It’s true there were 7or 8 people in the group not from the area, but still, it did take place there. And maybe now the ghosts are laid.

The hotel I stayed in there was new, state of the art, totally modern, and that turned out to be, gradually, yet another H20 for me, with that place, so that and the group place is already booked again for next year, so the mending, the water flow, goes on…

Nimai was great – there’s no one better at this organizing and caring job – and of course we are ex-partners and share a daughter, Wu-Chi (Lucia) – also Tarifa was a total blessing too. Akali drove there with the CD equipment, alone from Freiburg, and was back there before me – in fact there he was on the platform, with Mishka, when the train pulled in, 45 mins late. And by the look of things in Mannheim where I changed trains, platforms totally crowded with waiting people, trains cancelled, others inordinately late, I was lucky.

Then finally Mishka and I had the job of finding somewhere in this great vibrant city of Freiburg to have a glass of wine together, and for me to give my group report as usual, at eleven at night.

But oh no! Places around, in the town centre too, already closing up – 3….4…then a place where we could at least sit inside but not outside – all the tables and chairs had to be dismantled, that was the regulation, because of local residents, but meanwhile loud music blasted out into the square through open windows…

As we say in English: paying lip-service to the rules – very common in Germany apparently!

Now for some time at home – 2 OPTs, And the X-Run, with the Summer Festival in Parimal in between. I’ll see some of you for sure over this time…