Munich Seminar,  30/6 - 2/7 :: A BLOG

With Munich, I have what we call 'Previous' - meaning some history, maybe ancient history too...

A long time back, a Wild Goose Reincarnation Therapist gave me a session in her car at the airport, on arrival there and where she had taken me to fly back home after a group happening nearby there. During that group, on both the Friday and Saturday nights, I had two of the worst nightmares of my life. This was the trigger for the session.

She went wherever she goes to investigate such matters, and came up with a previous incarnation, in which I was a general (of course!) in the Roman army, and my battalion there in the Munich/Bavarian area had been wiped out more or less to the last man. (So I guess no way of rescuing such a situation later on!)

Well, it didn't stop me from going there often enough to do my seminar work - nothing much ever does, but the groups there never really took off, and there never developed 'a nest' of Wild Geese there, as in most other places. Difficult place to get to, too. Long journey by train, with always a Deutsche Bahn change too.

A week before the group was to begin, we learnt from Nimai - who used to live there many years but has since moved to Berlin, nevertheless returning to Munich to put my group on the map and organise everything there in preperation - and action - we learnt she had just six bookings, which soon became, with a cancellation, five.

Would I go? asked Mishka, naturally. Yes, I said, I will.

In the event there were 15 in the group, plus 2 assistants and me, so if not exaclty crowded, we were not too sparse either.

No one came from here - like Akali - to assist, so in jumped Gyan with an offer to do so - he lives not so far off, did a seminar here in the house earlier this year  - though not for some years before that - helping, catching, the music man, and finally the translator - which was pretty hilarious, had to be helped by others there - and even sometimes I did the German myself, hopeless as I am, but by then it was all just good fun. His wife Vyasa, who I had not seen since about fifteen years before, was also on the group, and also their 25 year-old son, who got his name Barado in the cradle.

It was nice to meet up with some old-timers there, also there were body troubles in some, so, as in Santa Fe, I spent a whole afternoon doing individual healing sessions (20-30 mins each), so may they have helped to alleviate body problems that seem to come now to some inevitably as the years roll by...

As my old buddy Tosho said, who joined the group for that time, it reminded him of my work in my Leela & Awareness Groups, back in the Seventies - in my Poona times!

It was a great group, the energy high - and a super Q&A plus some happenings at the end - all though unrecorded, so just for those present!

So is it now Goodbye München? I guess so. But we have some new Hullos coming up too!