Seminar in Munich 20-22 June ‘14

This came after the seminar in the post:

Beloved Michael,
 I am so happy that I could be on the group in Munich.
 Always pure grace to be in your presence.
 This time in particular I enjoyed every moment, every drop of the “juice”. I recently realized that it´s almost 20 years now that I got my name from you, and this was probably the best group ever.
 Much LOVE

Then this:

Beloved Michael,
after Group München.
I have a feeling like oneness.
With the energy field.
And people around me.
The separation - is the mind.
It is amazing.
This feeling I am aware from the trees
and the nature.
Much love to you

And then today came this:

Dearest Michael,

I’d like to take this opportunity and once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible last weekend in Munich.
This extraordinary space provided for me in a way that was challenging, humbling, nurturing and enlightening all together.
Oddly, I finally arrived here in this life on this planet that weekend.
I am on the spiritual path for almost 30 years now and have been working as a healer for nearly 20 years. But this was a multi-level experience beyond anything I dreamed of or could ever have imagined. I am still in awe how space made me transcend my personal imitations with such ease. Phew! Much love

It turned out so special there this time – it seemed for everybody,
3 new fine ladies got names and joined the Energyfield
and all of them are interested in doing the upcoming OPT 3.

At a dance school as last time. That was Okay.
Same hotel – a ‘Gay’ hotel. You go in and immediately a door says: SAUNA – MEN ONLY!
But there were women moving around in the hotel too…
And there’s at least one room that fits me wonderfully well, and this time I was in it again.

Nimai set it all up, and as usual did both the pre-work and the grouptime-work, perfectly. Helped by Tarifa who also chauffeured me around. There were dinners, accompanied by on-screen football everywhere of course, so on Saturday, at the Indian restaurant where we gathered to eat, some of us enthusiasts saw the whole of the German match v Ghana: great game, very exciting, fair result! So now my ‘home’ team is OUT, I switch to my 2nd home team – or tonight v USA…

Munich in the past has been a trouble to me. Once, long ago, after a seminar there outside Munich, when, over 2 nights in the place we were staying in, I had the two worst nightmares of my life. Attending that group was Rhea Powers – then a Wild Goose, Brahmani – and afterward she offered to look into the unsettling nature of my visits – always up till then – in this part of Bavaria. So I got a reincarnation session. What showed up was a history in me of being a Roman General there and having my army wiped out by -? Maybe the locals!

Anyway, now we get on fine, Munich and I, with many close friends living there like Nimai (mother of my daughter Wu-Chi ,who also lived there till she moved to Uni in Berlin), my very close friend from and for more than 30 years, Tosho (Dr Klaus P Horn), Moksha, my art-Friseur for many years, and a great participant and enthusiast for the Work, to mention just a few Pillars of Resonance for me in this city.

An added delight was a session from Nimai who does this amazing work of removing toxins from the body – the kind you can get – like I did – from an injection for eg tooth treatment, and this stuff really hangs on! Difficult to eradicate, but Nimai knows how!

Took 5 hours on the train to get home, but I arrived in Freiburg very happy indeed, and ready for a reunion glass of wine with Mishka and our usual swop of stories...