So we were there 3 days, well 5 for some – for those who built up our stand there. But ACTION (Out of Nothingness!) on the Fri, Sat & Sun.

This year the Festival was in Freudenstadt, in the middle of the Schwarzwald, 85 to 120 kms from us here in Denzlingen, depending on which of the number of possible routes there you took. It was a 70 to 80 mins drive because on all routes there were narrow winding roads, And also great beauty…

The Festival took place in the Kurhaus there, a neat & tidy affair, quite old-worldly in its way, but sweet enough. It was much smaller than the places for these Festivals in the past, more compact, fewer stalls, though still plenty of ‘events’. Less people than usual came, maybe also partly because of the extra inaccessibility. But it felt quite cosy, calm, and also there was there a beautiful garden and park, teeming with flowers…So it was fine and it worked – as far as I know! It did for us.

We began on Friday with a meditation. Around 60 people joined us for The ONENESS Mediation. That basic but revelatory (to those who do not yet know) meditation that shows that there is a universal energy uniting all and everything.

That went down very well. This became even clearer the next day in the Q&A session when several people who asked questions there referred to their amazing experiences during this meditation the previous day. We had round 80 coming for that, though those at the back were shifting with ‘ins & outs’  - something permitted always at these Festivals – though sometimes I only allow people to leave, but not to join. So for a change…But I kept my focus on the front seven or so rows, and they all stayed throughout. The theme of my answers was STEPS TO ONENESS, and for those for whom that is something of interest, they got the low-down…

After this I offered individual energy sessions at our stand; so that was 17 people over the next two hours too.

Sunday was Energy Happening time. This time by far the smallest ever – about 30 people only. Partly due probably to the fact that it was the last ‘packing-up’ day, partly due to ‘the trip ‘ there, and partly due to the fact that we always make a small charge for this event, and people who have already paid to attend (ostensibly including everything) didn’t want to put their hands in their pockets again.

Normally at the Energy Happening event there I say just a few words and then get on with it. This time I sat still for 20 mins, and then told them all about the Energy Way for half an hour (‘Ripples in the Universe’.) Then the experience. Revelations! People amazed.

But we were not finished yet!  Devasetu of Jetzt -TV – who had already put out videos of events of ours at last year ‘s Festival on You-Tube –and who had again taken videos of our events there this time on Friday and Saturday, asked me to make an interview before we left. Which we did. In his hotel room.  He asked the questions – of course, for his purpose that was needed – in deutsch, Mishka translated them into English, I answered in English, Mishka then translated them back into deutsch. So she was very busy!

As Devasetu is an Osho sannyasin, the questions also, and inevitably perhaps, took in my time there and the events around my eventual departure.  This interview should be available on You Tube within a few weeks, and then a bit later the other two too.

Our main assistant throughout was Akali, who also motored up from here each day, and earlier on also Sebanta and Mishka to prepare it all, and then to be on our stand and assist me in various way in my ‘spots’, my action times. Samida, whom I’ve not seen for a while, came and translated on both Friday & Saturday (Mishka did it for my talk on Sunday), Mecca helped out each day too

We were happy with our time there. Showed the Work to many people, in different ways, and we were well received all round.

Well done Mariam and Teresa – AGAIN!

Next up is Santa Fe and the Yanks, probably we are already there when you get this…