So we set off, two days after the end of the Summer Festival, to meet at UNACHO, to launch the new Training, OPT3 – this time with 21 members, plus 3 more to join us next time. This time from 9 different nations, and this time with a preponderance of Germans – 8 of them in all.

We Guides and Teachers were the same team: Mishka, who missed the Summer Festival this time, Abava from England, ditto, Tiago and I straight from the great Summer Festival in Parimal, along with 15 new OPTers, there as part of the new Training…

We covered a lot of ground, each stretch disappearing into the next, so it’s hard to recall actual events. Every day began – at 06.00 or 06.30 – with bodyflow, guided always by Abava, who seems to have such a strong relationship with it that each day is new, with some new angle, some new approach, some new link with something else valuable, so it became a Training Group on its own. But still we added more & more for the rest of each day. Till everyone turned into light – and many groggy with it all also – and no wonder. Add a new life, a new perspective, and a stream of cosmic energy, and for sure ‘the old self’ will get giddy – a kind of vertigo: looking down a deep well – at yourself!

Throughout, all participants were totally open & available to go deep into the Work and so they all got their rewards for doing so. That’s how it works.

There were talks of course, but best perhaps was the double session we had after the OPTers had all gone into town, to take the new Cosmos in them into the world: Energy Streams in the City Lights. In which Michael gave great feedback to each and everyone – and through each also to everyone – out of their experiences ‘out there’.

Taking the gifts of the seminars back into the world and lives at home has always been a key issue since this Work began. So Michael has asked each and every OPTer3 to write to him in 2 or 3 weeks time, saying how it went, this moving back to the space they left before it all here began. In addition all participants get every week, a Hint to remind them and help them on their way – till we meet again. In November, so quite a gap. Quite a test!