OPT 4 - A Blog,
August '15 - July '16.

First session, with Michael, in an hour we travelled a million miles.

To Uranus: Greek myth: the personification of the sky, who, as a god, ruled the universe.

Then back to earth, sessions with all the Guiding Lights, Tiago, Mishka, Michael, Abava –who every day gave a different Bodyflow session - ingenious, creative, comprehensive, a great Tao walk in the local countryside, led by Michael, a marvellous Tree Meditation. And from the beginning THAT was there every moment, simply because it always is - through Michael, and through those now connected. And all this carries on now for ever in the participants' lives – together with all the practical things - the heart-opening, the belly-release, the dance of the sugarplum fairies, the visits to the local lakes am Abend after the so-hot days, the love that embraced everybody, clear as a bell by the end, the sense of a linking unity - and the gifts, visible & invisible, from all to all.

Each - to us at the helm - ended up a different person. They took the Road, they opened, they cherished, they received, they absorbed and so it was COMPLETE. The rewards obvious in each & every one.

We prepare now for our Summer Festival at Parimal, return here then for OPT 5. Still spaces free!


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