– A Leg: 17-21 Feb 2016   A BLOG

In many ways, this part of OPT started long before it began, the previous sessions had loosened structures, identified patterns and revealed hidden traumas, so there was a lot already in play. Even before we sat down for the first session, the energy among the participants, the house team and the facilitators was bubbling up towards this week’s theme ‘moving anger to positive aggression’!

It sounds paradoxical that a training in the formlessness of Michael’s energy work should include structure, but that is why it is called the Onelife Personal Training. Even with the transcendent nature of this work, Energy Training graduates and long term students often felt that there was still something holding them back, or they didn’t know how to fit energy work into their ‘normal’ lives. So OPT came into being to offer ways to address the personal level while giving deep access to the energy space.

The themes give us a basis for our explorations, but the explorations change according to the situation, the needs of the participants, or they simply follow the energy lines and in themselves evolve. This in turn is driven by Michael, the work that comes through him, the sessions he gives and the talks that he uses to point us towards what he is offering.

It is an incredibly potent mixture that pushes the facilitators to their limits – every break and every evening they meet to discuss and decide how best to explore what has come up. This is passed on to the participants, who in turn are expected and required to take up the baton and work with it to the best of their abilities. Early mornings, late nights, deep and strong work – it’s not for the faint hearted. But it brings its rewards – for everyone involved.

This is how it was in this part of OPT. Michael started the first session with a penetrating talk – The Open Sky – which pointed directly to the need to take responsibility for one’s path and to contribute to the explorations, while at the same time being open to universal action. Being someone, while at the same time being no-one. How to be a Wild Goose and ‘sweep across the sky, leaving no trace’.

And then we jumped in. Old favourites like ‘What is meditation, meditation’. Of course, Mu. Tiago’s Zen stick. Body work and Mishka’s biosynthesis work to really get the energy moving. Each day Michael would stoke the fire with a talk (all were re-played each evening, so we could take them deeper), or an energy session.

One stood out for its profound simplicity. Everyone found a place to stand in the room, Michael moved among us, moving hands here, shifting a direction there. Then all of a sudden the energy hit the ‘just this’ space and your hair stood up all over your body. The session was of such depth and breadth that the rug was completely pulled from beneath our feet, we were left suspended in the sky – no trace – we were held there, no one moved long after Michael had left the room. Just this.

It wasn’t an easy week – everyone gave blood, sweat and tears – literally. But afterwards –

‘I’m in the place outside the circle, exactly as you said and I fell totally OK and free. I wish I could stay in that place for the rest of my life!’

‘This training … allows me to connect with the Cosmic Energy and give up more and more. It helps me feel so much more connected with your work, your presence and the Universal Cosmic Energy. I feel united with everything!’

‘I felt the most subtle and fine cosmic energy I have ever experienced … it is simply not enough to express it’.

‘I feel good … the last OPT was hard, but it had an (for me unexpected) positive impact!’

‘Now I have experienced this, I know I can go through life knowing that I can really experience love’.

Michael  Abava  Mishka  Tiago