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UNACHO, 08-12/2/2017

So we gathered: Tiago, Abava, Mishka & I, the OPT Training Team, and then came the 23 Participants, and then the Cooking&House Team of Disiray, Luberta, Jamain, Shunyata, and later, briefly, Kasika & Dabola too. Full House. Full Steam Ahead too.

5 Days, but it felt like many more, so far did we reach, so diverse the explorations: Physical & Sexual Abuse (many customers), Anger & Anxiety Exercises, Solar Plexus Energy Treatment, Sacral Release, Deep Tissue Release, Integral Breath Work, Cellular Awakening (The Life of the Cells), Raising the Kundalini, The Mu Meditation, and the MB-Walk, taken on and over from the last Love&Beauty leg. Then great Talks: Just One Look and We Are In Love - highly recommended to all, a very tough MB Feedback session (some demolition jobs!): All You Have To Do Is To Jump, and a great & busy Q&A: Guides To 'The Perfect Life'. Abava Bodyflow sessions every morning - and each morning different ways of doing it, and before that, regular innovative ways of Waking Up To The World. Finishing with a Mishka/Akali disco - turned out to be a kind of stretching exercise of energies employed in so many ways, but no less welcome and celebrative for that.

As Luberta said - from her kitchen vantage point! - this was nothing like, and clearly far beyond, the Energy Training she did many years ago, and I  - present in all of those & these - can endorse that. This is a Training for The Whole Person, inputs of 4 different kinds from the 4 trainers, and yet, we all agreed - and marvelled at - an unquestionable integration of it all, both with one another and with what we provided in our different ways. Really the whole spectrum...

Here are some feedbacks from participants:

I have come to realise that the spiritual path is a whole life project - Dante.

I am so happy with life and with OPT. I am much more in my heart and more vulnerable. My boys love it - they can't keep their hands off me - even the 16 year old - Imaho.

I am more connected to the cosmos and can feel what is the right thing to do - Masanti

OPT has reversed everything that I took myself to be and has given me a totally new relationship with life - Devraday

I am more spontaneous with my students, which I enjoy, and there is much easier communication and lots of laughter - Rinzai

I realise that there isn't anyone to blame anymore, it's just up to me! - Hawwah

I was touched very much, so happy for all we are. OPT feels like a family, it feels warm and cosy - which is just what I need for my transformation - Simitra

OPT is making it easier for me to come back to myself, I'm not getting pulled out of myself and able to be myself, which gives me peace - Tusan

OPT is really thorough, and it will give you hope and confidence, if you need them, to find how to live a good life and to find yourself in the midst of it, glad for it, and confident of facing whatever may transpire in the future.

If you are in need of a fresh dynamic, feel a wish to open up a new and fruitful path for yourself, to awaken the budding Buddha within you and set it off on the dual carriageway of Life on Earth, together with a Cosmic Connection, then an OPT will almost certainly do the job for you.

The next OPT, OPT6 - to be called, When the Heart Smiles -starts with the Summer Festival in July. Everyone is welcome!


DOWNLOAD the OPT6 brochure

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