UNACHO, 1-7/8/17 :: A BLOG

First morning. Mainly a new crowd of course, but 5 from the last one, OPT5, carrying straight on (we must be doing something right then). All familiar faces to me, none the less, including some past - and present, X-Runners. But a general feeling of 'Beginners'. Not to the Work of course, but to that particular mix we do in our OPTs, with Tiago, Mishka & Abava alongside...

OPT5 had been terrific. Stand out. We loved it, so did they. They all flew out of the nest, singing, at the end, some reluctant to leave, hanging out here a long time with one another, and we were all happy. Content. Chuffed to death, really. Now it was back to the drawing board, something new. Of course most, but not all, had already experienced the great Summer Festival and so were more than ready. But in OPT we have a plan. The OPTs all differ but still, we have a plan - to awaken the body, the mind, the soul - and spirit, and bring transformation in many respects, plus experiencing themselves as waves in the One Energy Ocean, again & again.

A Talk about whether you are prepared to give up your life for the Truth. More - after the Summer Festival too - about the unity of opposites - stillness in action, love in anger, silence in speech...then that also transcends the apparent duality, just as transcendence in the Cosmic energy space does too...

A great session of The Goose Cocktail Party Hullo meditation, which really brought people together so intimately, and then some standard fare like Arms in the Air, the 3 Levels, What is Meditation Meditation, Body Healing Exercises from Mishka, and a great foot & leg massage from her in couples too. Abava's daily marvellous morning Bodyflow Meds, each morning a different approach, a new variation on this basic theme.

And then as always Tiago with her loving, playful and direct spears sailing towards many, bringing fun - and unwrapping self-realizations in plenty. Always a vital part of our OPTs, in the sessions I do not personally attend.

And again, as in the Summer Festival, Buddha's 3 fingers, pointing to the light - as the Work does all the time, the lamp - bringing that light into oneself, and the 'work of diligence' - in the world, in our work and relationships and attitude towards our daily lives.

The half-day 'in town' brought some marvellous stories - of their effect on others they met there, and also, once again, how groups somehow meet-up with each other - without any arrangement - resonance again at work. And also in the afternoon work in the Energyfield showed how what we had done in Extraordinary Space, our grouproom, could be carried into working on simple jobs. Occasionally people who come resent this, especially those on 'important' courses like X-Runs and Love & Beauty - important people! - object to this simple application, whereas it is something  - this experience here - that can show them how to do the same in their daily lives. Application! Application! Application!

Last night in darshan here one of the OPTers - still here! - who had such a great time on the OPT and stayed on some days in the Energyfield here - spoke of his fear of losing it as he had to return to his 'job in the world' the next day. I told him - the wonderful space you are now in is yours! Why give it up? Why have it taken away? This is the way to combine opposites - again, The Zero & the One together in the X. They coast along then hand-in-hand. 'Between Heaven & Earth runs the line'. You are the line.

As a team, once again we were in perfect harmony, and totally in the Work in OPT, both with them and amongst ourselves, every break uncovering what was transpiring, seeing where to go next, who is perhaps falling behind a bit, sharing what maybe the others missed.

The working team - the houseteam and streamers -and we had quite a lot of them over the time - were very much part of the whole thing, and also became so.

Also, my daughter San Chi, going through a big crisis in her life, was much lifted out of her sorrows by attending the Summer Festival, so much so that she followed it by Streaming here at home for 6 days, linking along with the rest of the supporting gang, looking more and more shiny and happy as each day passed. Now back home, she tells me that the black cloud has lifted and she's back streaming happily in her life again in Zurich.

There's no doubt that our OPTs are one of the best Personal Trainings in the world, bringing radical changes along with the linking with that which gives rise to us all - the cosmic connection.

OPT6 meets next again here in UNACHO in October, for - chiefly - the Rebirthing sessions, and the time in the Oneness, this time in the water, guided by Mishka, a master in this element.

We love these OPTs, the people who come, delight in what they all gain, and astonishment at the continual transformation.

So everybody, have a thought for OPT7!

LOVE! Michael