PHEW! Seminar
11-14 JUNE ’15 AT UNACHO

Well, it turned out differently than expected…the Universe had something else in mind. And I don’t argue with that.

It was about Resonance with Emptiness, really. And it worked because people who came were open to that.
There were TEN current X-Runners there. It was clear to me that those who come regularly gain hand over foot. When I bring to them the Cosmic Emptiness and Oneness then that is already present in them, and it simply expands. This they know, which is why they come again & again.

When Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, arrived in China from India, he was met, it is said, by the Emperor of China, who asked him, What is truth? And Bodhidharma is reported to have answered: A vast emptiness, nothing holy.

But of course that ‘Emptiness’ is far from empty. It is empty of material reality and everything that goes with that, but it does include the roots of Love, Bliss, Serenity, Rest, Laughter, Cosmic Union. All of these are present there.

Maybe more. A participant, a longterm Wild Goose, writes: Until now my reality ended, beyond my physical borders, and into the Energyspace. What you showed us in PHEW about our reality was enormous, gewaltig. I saw the moon, earth, sun and then something was falling into me. It was the greatest session ever.

Sebanta, a team member here in UNACHO, who was in PHEW primarily to translate everything into Italian for our two Italian participants, writes: Whoever you are, whatever you are, you are beauty to me! Spontaneous Beauty. So many levels – maybe all? – were there at the same ‘time’. Feeling so alive and total, having no place left in me to care about something different other than that instant (t)here. I enjoyed it so much.

And at the end, the big question was: When is the next PHEW?

And I had such a great time with all these beautiful people. I spent almost all the time we were together at the centre of the universe – in me. A place which others also found in our time together – through energy, resonance and transportation. And this, in one session, we all ‘lived’.


Energy Drawing made during the seminar