The Heart is Where the Home Is

Portovenere Seminar, 7-9/4/17 :: A BLOG

We went by car there, Mishka & I, the (expected) 6 hour journey took us 10 - hold ups at the Gotthard tunnel, heavy traffic as always around Milan, and then on the motorway south an Incidente (accident) that held everything up a long time, for us until we escaped into a side road and went round it, so we arrived only just in time for the Friday evening start.

But what a start! 90 mins of paradise, for me anyway. The original self is simply at peace.

In that time it came to me that there was no further to go. This was the peak state, so why go on?

Then I was reminded of my teacher Bhagwan (Osho) who as most of you probably know, acquired almost 100 Rolls Royces in the 7 or 8 years he was on the Ranch in Oregon - that's about one a month. And when he was (often) told that the ranch economy couldn't handle another, his reply was always 'My ship is waiting'. This meant he was ready 'to go' but toys like new Rolls Royces kept him here as attractive playthings...

Well, that's hardly so for me - though fine cars throughout my life have always helped! - but instead there came to me the Bodhisattva vow: "I am at the gates of heaven but I won't go through until I can bring the rest of the world with me."

So on we went - and on we go - and had a great seminar together; there were also present a number of Italian Wild Geese who have been coming more or less every year for more than 30 years - some since my first seminar there in 1984 where they got their WG Names.

It was beautiful in that grouproom, the new people all got WG Names at the end, Mishka assisting (she insists on coming on this one every year, loving Italy!), also Shintai (now an Italy resident, along with his lady Mayadevi –who also takes care of - just up the road! - the seminars in Copenhagen – next up is next month), then also Vandana's great translations and her presence always over many many years, our old friend Subhuti there again - with new Wild Goose sarongs coming soon through him decorated with Energy Drawings and the X10 symbol (look forward!) and later on t-shirts too (the few examples, for the future, we saw, were beautiful), plus our wonderful organizers, Galanda & Shamara, and our hotel was – literally next door to where we hold our groups there. Evening meals we had together locally, and the team once more were on the local island for dinner Sunday night.

Then next morning we were both blessed with fantastic massages from Galanda, who saw us off too on our way home. Unlike our arriving we took our time: went into madly busy Milan to seek - and find! - a late birthday present for Mishka, and then on to Como - at 27º! - for a dinner al fresco, but then, unhappily, Mishka got hit by a virus, and was in some trouble with it, so it was up to me to drive the 4 hours home, where Mishka surrendered to the troubling invasion for a few days, mostly on her back, suffering, but now, Thursday, is gently up and about again, even shopping, so a pretty quick recovery.

Tomorrow the Easter Festival begins here at UNACHO. Hopefully the weather we have here now as I write, which is warm & sunny, holds so those coming can enjoy time - and meals - out in our garden. On top of the rich & flowering garden we have here now we will surely also bloom in Extraordinary Space here downstairs.

LOVE Michael