1-3 APRIL ‘16 

Here, above, is a shot of the town taken from the patio of our hotel room.

A rare place, as you can see.

Here is one venue where the place is part of the seminar!

And the hotel that we stayed in, the grouproom we worked in, the restaurant where we all ate Friday and Saturday, the bars for our coffees and variations during the breaks, all lay within the circumference of a 100 meters.


It took Mishka & I eight hours to get there, by road, could have been even longer and it wouldn’t have mattered.

We were met at once, welcomed, looked after by our hosts, Galanda & Shamara – and then it was time to start our group time together. There were participants, like Kami, Kanika, Pushkara, Sambhava, Shintai (who came to help), Subhuti & Vandana, all of whom have been Wild Geese since 1985, when I first began to offer spiritual names, and many of whom have met me pretty well every year since there in Italy, and some much more than that, there were also other long-term regulars and, this time, also nine completely new people, most of them friends of regulars who brought them along.

Weaving them into the Work took for most some time , and a lot of attention, so much so that I did no energy drawings at all during our time in the sessions together, no free moments came to leave them all alone for some minutes for that (and then it appears that everyone in the group wanted to buy the ED example we show in our group bookshops!)

Slowly the energy built up, and the energy ‘took’, for one after another. As often these days I explained nothing, gave no talks, just roped them all into the space again & again & again. And you could feel them all, one by one getting caught, and even falling in love. Yes, that happened, in a very Italian way!

An added ‘topping’ to this very juicy weekend was that on the Sunday it was also Mishka’s birthday, so first thing Sunday morning in the group she got sung to by all, applauded and praised – and embraced.

One of the new people had to leave early Sunday on account of family illness, but all the other 8 asked for Wild Goose Names, embraced the cosmic energy work right away though it was new for them all. Very gratifying!

There was of course, after the name-giving ceremony, a Q&A: The Eternal Moment, and finding that eternal moment turned out to be the main theme of the seminar.

As usual Vandana provided continuous and beautiful translations of everything I said. I had not seen her since last year there, so I was told, but she’s been with me for so long, and so close too, that it seemed no time, or as if she’s with me always – so it has become with some.

Shintai & Mayadevi also came to join us – he is (originally) Belgian, she is Danish and now they have found a beautiful country house near Assisi where they will soon begin offering retreats. (Shintai is of course very active for us, involved in all sorts of things like blogs, Facebook, and the layout of all the recent books and – secret! – the new one soon to come.)

Sunday night as usual we were invited by our great organizers and hosts, Galanda & Shamara, to this celebrated restaurant on an island across the bay, Vandana also, along with Shintai & Mayadevi too, and my old friend Subhuti, supplier since years of our Wild Goose necklaces and medallions. So there were 8 of us there around a round table for a sumptuous meal and wine, and at the table came gifts for Mishka, a tree of life medallion, made in Bali, and an exquisite scarf, combined gifts from all those present – except me! (mine comes later!)

Then at the end of our meal, out went all the lights in the restaurant, and in came a huge cake, full of fruits, for Mishka, and we all sang again.

And still that was not all. Next morning, Monday, there came to us in the hotel, Galanda, with her massage table, to give me my regular massage from her at such times – and I’ve never had more valuable massages from anybody. Mishka too was next, gifted under these knowing hands of Galanda.

And then, before departure, our final Goodbye cappuccino with Galanda and Shamara, in the sun, in 23º, before the seven hour drive back home here.

And then still, more, out for another birthday dinner this time with our two beautiful boys Madi & Abechy. The Italian restaurant in our sights for this was inexplicably closed so we ended up in a Thai. Which we indulge in often, Mishka & I, and it was fine for the boys too.

Finally today (Tuesday) in UNACHO, another tea-time ceremony, with more gifts, for Mishka, this time from the UNACHO team.

Great Mishka had so many inputs this year on her birthday!

And of course she loved, as we all did, our time once again at The Invisible Sky in Portovenere. Thanks to all!

LOVE!  Michael