10-12 & 13-14 APRIL

Something in Your Eyes took an Eternity to Get Here &
A Tree Grows in Prague

I have been going once a year to Prague, ever since the Wall came down in 1989, in addition Tiago has been also doing groups there in Prague and also in Bohemia, and even an earlier Training.

I have given hundreds of Wild Goose spiritual names there over the years (once, in the late nineties – I think!– I said to the people on a seminar that if they stopped someone in a supermarket whilst shopping and asked them if they had got a name from Michael Barnett then they would probably say Yes), and yet the Work has never really taken off there.

This time it did. It was like a birth. A birth and a celebration from beginning till the end.

52 people, including the 18 from the current Training – and 15 new people.  Plus a few travellers from Denmark, Germany & Austria. Quite a mix!

Here’s how the group began on Friday evening:
“One of the things that has been discovered about this world and this universe we live in is this: energy can neither be created nor destroyed. That is a law, we are told by the experts. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed. That is point one – it can be transformed. The reverse of that is that through energy you can be transformed, so that is what I do in my life, I transform people – or try to – with energy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

The other thing is that they say that this universe we are part of is around fourteen billion years old, and it all came from what you have all heard about, a so-called Big Bang – although there is another point of view which says that it has always been here. It doesn’t matter to me which is true, but if you go back to the beginning, if that is true, fourteen billion years ago, then that point, that reality, is here in this room. Since energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it is still here. The energy of that explosion, if it happened, is still here, and if you can connect with that source then you have a whole universe within you, and your life will feel like the universe has been unfolding for all this time, and you will feel no matter how old you are that you are unfolding and unfolding and unfolding.

You may not be interested in that. If so, it is going to be a boring weekend for you, but if you say: “Aha, that sounds interesting,” or if you know from previous experience that it is interesting, then everything should be all right. It will certainly be all right with me, whether it is all right with you is up to you.

So apart from maybe seeing if you can make real what I was just saying and find in yourself this source of life itself, you can also see as some of you have already discovered, that if you resonate with me and the energy in the room right here, then you will join it. To do that you have to put your untransformed self a little bit or a lot on one side, you have to open to something that is not on your map – any of you – right now. If you make room on your map, then I will draw you a new map.

 Catching Fire! So it was that these few words swept around the group like flames. And that seemed to set the whole thing up for the rest of our time together. From then on everyone was in it. I barely spoke again till the Q&A on Sunday afternoon – no need to. The whole process simply worked, every moment. We did a bit of everything, including, on Saturday & then again on Sunday, two rounds of individual work with each and every one there. There was glory there. Light. Angels?

Here are some early feedbacks:

“So much love and bliss. Such depths never experienced before.

All so easy to join from the minute you entered the room.

Thank you for those indescribable days in Prague!

Last weekend we had a really tremendous overwhelming seminar with Michael in Prague! Surrender to Space, living through the body, what a MIRACLE when inner and outer become One.

It was tremendous. It is still in me. It works.

At the end there was a standing ovation that went on and on…

Not the Prague I’d known before! But the cheers, I know, were also for themselves – and for everyone else there too…it was that kind of group.

Beautiful translations – and warmth in them - from Cindrilla, perfect care from my Carers, Tiago and Nabi – how that perpetually young lady Tiago managed to  – alone!  – catch 50+ people, twice, is quite a miracle in itself – unless you are already aware of what the Energy Work can do for you! And behind the scenes – and also part of the Group – our main current organizer Jamain, who keeps things going there now between our visits, with day groups, and also keeping everything in focus, like grouprooms, staying places and so on…all part of the new aliveness there.

I was so glad of the response there to this seminar that I promised that I would come again this year, in 2015, and this was fixed up before I left for Fri 9 – Sun 11 October.

But that wasn’t all. To follow on the next 2 days was a spell for me with the current Training there – A Tree Grows in Prague.

This was different, these were real aspirants on the Path, so perspectives on the Path they got. I pointed, I showed, I related much from my own Path, the steps they could take, and those that would come by themselves. The energy deepened, thinking lessened, the energy of the True Path entered them, there was a shift.

For them still yet 2 more legs on their Training, with Tiago & Nabi. They also get the OPT Hints from Tiago when they (regularly) come. So Prague is now very much in the Energy Picture and Radiance of our Energy Field. And that is very welcome too!