Thank you for the GREAT weekend. Seminar was amazing as usual, and in the Talk (Time Out of Sight) and the rest of what you said, was indescribable. For me in the Talk you said EVERYTHING, the essence of your teaching, NOTHING MISSING. In my mind, no escape from that. So clear, so simple, without space for doubts. For me THIS was 'a beautiful massacre'. And now with this - and 'The Michael Walk' I have everything I ever needed. I already did one Michael Walk in the office and it was indescribable. Like the first steps of a newborn child.

After the group on Saturday I drove to another town where my boyfriend was playing in a band (he was in the group for the Friday evening). Normally I would be very tired but somehow I stayed in the flow of energy, I also played with them three songs (never did so before) and then I was dancing for about two hours on my own in the middle of people who were dancing with the 'right' steps. I felt amazing freedom. After a while other people came and we danced together without any! Also great reactions from people who were sitting and watching. Then some of them got up and joined in. Resonance! And then Sunday - amazing.

Then at work at the University next day as a teacher, it was different. I was full of the weekend and happy all day.

There can be some light in the structures of the school system in our country. Thank you Michael, it was again wonderful!    Mahaya

Wow! The Seminar!!!! I felt so welcomed even from people I hadn't met before. To feel the openness of big-hearted engaged people, to feel my own opening up from the first moment to the very peak when you took us to a higher level...what a words just pure blessing! Thank you for your wonderful presence!    Teresca (from Switzerland)

The Michael Walk seems to me not just another meditation, it is a Master key.

So, there was Prague again. More than 40 people this time. My first time there was way back, just after the Czech Republic got free of the Soviet Empire. They all wanted to be out in the street, celebrating and dancing, meditation was not on their list! So steadily we lost people! From then on though every year since, I believe, I have been there. So many there now are close to my heart – and the Energyfield there really works! Apart from Tiago's regular visits, many meetings of various kinds happen between the students. A real sangha there!

There, too, we have a fantastic translator - Cindrilla (never misses), a conscientious organizer in Jamain, many others offering help when I come, and always Tiago & Nabi joining me there now, contributing to the great deepening of the energyfield there - and in all the Czech students, and my personal welfare.