White Light, Still & Moving

A Weekend in Prague
It was like a dream for me, the whole weekend, no idea what I was up to at any point, I couldn’t see through my own actions at all, I was just a passenger…

It wasn’t such a large group, for Prague, in the mid-thirties, a bit of a mixture, plenty of OPTers, from past and current Trainings, and six or seven Newies, Tiago and Nabi down from Denmark to help along…

We had a dance session late Saturday in the grouproom. I joined in. The roof came off. I was amazed. Explosions. At the end they not only clapped and cheered but a group of them rushed and surrounded me and hugged me to death. So it was all obviously working.

That was nice to see. And the ‘it’ that was working,
“In the now-moment the self never arises, nothing calls upon it to do so.” So it is said.

Means you let happen what is there cosmically to happen.

That’s weird, in negating yourself, the amazing happens.

It too is said, “Truth is what remains when there are no experiences left.”

Like a dream, a dream more real than our reality.

Almost all the Newies, got WG names. Almost everybody came to the Saturday night group dinner.

The weather was terrible, till Monday when I left.

Not much to say, one short talk: The Golden Thread, the one tied to your little finger that comes from the way out of the labyrinth, the very Source. And a long Q&A, beautifully (it was clear!) translated by Cindrilla, as always. I can go on for ages before stopping, and she won’t miss a trick. Jamain busy organizing, his great team too.

“To take care of life is to burn the flame of life.”