A 2015 BLOG

What a marvellous energy generosity has!

It also shows a true expression of the cosmic energy joining with the personal.

We all know now about including ‘the One’ in our lives where we can, and including ‘the All and Everything that is around it’ too, but the expression of Generosity is specific. It is towards someone or towards others. And mostly it means putting that other or others equally with oneself.

And when it is true, it comes from the heart. It says, I want to give, I want to soothe, I want to lift you, make you feel good about being alive, and I want to do this as part of my own abundance.

Not extravagance, not for show or praise, but as an expression of your abundance.

To show generosity in just the right way can be an expression of that – your own abundance, overflowing from yourself. Without one bit diminishing your richness. In fact, increasing it even further.

Of course, generosity includes forgiveness. Forgiveness, when full & real, requires a true generosity of heart & spirit. Not to forgive is to have part of the heart closed, holding on to anger or resentment, or worse, dreams of revenge. To forgive, wholly and entirely, is to make room in the heart for a new start.

And to make way always for a fresh start is The Way anyway.

So make 2015 your year of generosity! Great for others, even greater for yourself! And that is true graciousness!