A Communion With That Which Loves Us All


So, at last, America comes in from the cold.

Up till now, and over many years, the Americans in general (exceptions!!!) have not much taken to the Energy Work I do, more interested in that which gives them a more obvious and more direct contribution to the reaching of their worldly aims.

This time it was different. Completely different. From the moment I walked into the really fine group-room it was obvious this was going to be so. Another country. I was amazed. Could it be Obama?! In a way they were already ‘there’. Absolutely ready. One glimpse, and I relaxed. What a wonderful surprise! Here we go!

The seminar was simply magnificent. From the word Go till the end – and even after.

In the end we were just 27 people (a magic MB number anyway), but it felt to me as if I had the whole of America in that room, as if it was the whole country that was being transformed. And transformed they all were – and so happy too! – with a big Yes throughout.

Quite funny really. Who was there with us? A Sky Dancer…?

Everything we did worked perfectly, and there were no ‘outsiders’ at all. There were 8 Wild Geese anyway, half-a-dozen or so sannyasins, most of whom had been with me in some group ages ago, back in those times, and the rest brand new.

Half of the participants were local (we had been to Santa Fe twice before) including some old and very close friends like Andrekka & Deepana, Donato, Duija. The rest from all over: California, Oregon, Illinois, Arizona…some came due to the prolific efforts of sannyasin, Navina – who had attended the seminar there last year, and knocked out calls and e-mails all around determined to bring me out there again. And locally we had the committed and combined efforts of our friends there, not only to drum up participants but also to look after Mishka and me, quite royally....Mishra, who also helped pushing the train was at this time in Europe with Tairifa at a family wedding, so we missed connecting with him physically…

The seminar took place at a kind of ranch, named Synergia, it was in the desert, some miles out of town; accommodation American- Mexican country style (half the population of Santa Fe is Mexican), the group-room just great, the food fine, the quietness a pleasure. The weather? Warm, cool, winds, rain, storms, sunny, cool - it kept us guessing…

Mishka and I were rewarded (rare there at the ranch) with a meeting with a rattlesnake, just as we came out of the group-room – and there it was on the mat. It tried to go in as we came out, but fortunately we had closed the door – otherwise there would have been at once an unscheduled meditation inside…

At the last session, Sunday afternoon, I walked into the group-room to find the whole group in blue t-shirts, bearing the slogan: IT IS HERE RIGHT NOW. Ones for Mishka & me too, as you can see from the pic at the top of this blog. (They came from Navina.) Nice touch!

There were EIGHT American Wild Goose name-givings (including 2 sannyasins) then photos and fun – and then the TEN questions – which took just the usual one hour exactly…

The journey there with the 8-hour time difference was a bit exhausting but we recovered and had a marvelous time.

Mishka writes:

One of the new guys, now a new Wild Goose, a young smart guy who teaches graduates, said to Michael at the end when he came for a book signing: ”It was all quite wonderful. What I love about you is your spontaneity and your mischievousness. You take your Work seriously but you don’t take yourself seriously. It was both enlightening and enlivening.” Not a bad summing up….

Deepana, Wild Goose since 1988, said it was as if everyone in the group had known each other all their lives – that was the timeless space which we found ourselves in that wonderful weekend.

Sunday night was ‘an Indian’ with our friends there, and then the next morning early, there was Donato – whose birthday it was – with all the technology for us to watch the highlights of the last Premiership games of the season, plus the whole of the last Arsenal game, with they won 4-1, playing brilliantly. Now they are to play once more - in the Cup Final on Saturday, and I am here at home to cheer them on.

That was followed by my usual great massage from Van – who was again on the group, then a little shopping for ‘the boys’, and a few items for our team back home thanks to a generous gift voucher from one of our new Wild Geese (old sannyasin) who has a shop in Santa Fe, with a million things in it: stones, jewelry, sculptures, and on our visit there, extra, a marvellous valuable figurine of a sitting Tara for me, free in gratitude…

Then Monday evening, we all celebrated Donato’s birthday– 7 adults & 5 children eating ‘African’ all in our hotel room.

Next morning we all met up again and then Donato drove us to Albuquerque for our flights home. At the stop-over in Houston, Texas, we hade been allowed, between landing and fresh take-off, just 35 minutes which, seeing we had to change terminals, looked impossible

for us, and even more so for our luggage. But the flight from Houston to Frankfurt was delayed, so we did just get our plane - as Mishka always said we would, despite my big doubts. And then, despite my further doubts, it worked out as Mishka promised: after a long wait at the carousel, and the last to come – there were our bags.

Vasra had driven up to meet us, Mishka drove home, there was our Abechy – Madi on holiday with friends for a week at Cote d-Azur –

and also most of our home team. Mishka and I in a state of almost total collapse. (Returning East is worse than going West).

Already the name confirmations are rolling in, as we make plans to return again in May or June next year…



Most of the ‘foreigners’ in America are American.

Some feedback from participants, coming with WG name confirmations:

Thanks for sharing the healing love of the Universal Energy Field. It was a beautiful experience for me, and my husband. We both received a lot from dancing in the light with everyone. I pray that I will continue to meet you and everyone in this spiritual family in the One Light, the Unified Love Energy Stream, In Love and Gratitude…

I am so very deeply honoured to have received a spiritual name. It was a wondrous, beautiful and powerful weekend and I am so very very grateful for your presence, guidance and our amazing circle.

What a joy to work with together with you with your roving international sangha. It is quite remarkable how many lives you have touched…and how you touched mine in such a short span of time. I want to express my deep gratitude to you, and the Bodhisattva path you allowed yourself to enter. With Very Much Love & Appreciation…

It was great to meet you and the others recently in Santa Fe. It was a very powerful weekend for me. I cannot describe it other than I feel many gaps were addressed, and some mysterious shifts in energy happened, that I cannot explain. Thank you!

and finally:

It was so wonderful to be with you and Mishka again and to be all together. Making clear to me again that time and distance is no problem for the heart. Duija