AT PARIMAL 28/7 – 2/8 2015

That was something. Really something. 6 days in the Arms of the Divine. Really. Almost 70 of us, from Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Italy, the Czech Republic and Australia. What a whirl. And what peace too. We sat like angels, celebrated like demons, and connected like blood brothers & sisters.

And our hosts at Parimal loved us, praised us. They host groups there continuously, all the year round, often two at a time. From us they say they don’t just host, but ‘get something’ from our time there. They joined the discos – two, Friday and Saturday nights, both going on – for the tireless few, till 03.00 am.

And we, too, had for them an ‘open session’ as usual. This time a dozen came, so in their grouproom, Buddha Hall, there were then eighty. They got special attention – made a circle, each with a SF member behind, and the rest around them. Then I fired, we all fired, and they were out and in it…

At one of the Discos ‘a local’ said, “You guys have a lot of energy!! – and got the reply, “Well that’s what we’re all about!” Another said, “You guys really like to party!” Answer: “We just let the energy happen – this way and that.”

Once, coming into the grouproom, there was a swallow flying around inside. All the windows open, the doors too – but No. Bang! Bang! Bang! I left, then soon the swallow finally did too. So came the talk ‘Swallows in a Room”. “You are all the swallows…”(And they all got out a bit by the end too…)

After the first session Friday, Mishka turned to me and said: “That was the most divine session ever. The room was full of glory.” It was true. I was ‘filled’ and stood with it and was moved, this way and that, to one and then another – and never did it seem ‘local’, only simply expressing itself universally so…

Standing in a circle, when we did, it was tight, some overlapping, and all up against the walls, so when they went down, as they all did at such times, it was a work of art on the part of Mishka & Tiago to find a space to lay them. And when they did, the floor was full.

On Friday there were three birthdays: Gourishankar, Bodea and Kohra, more cause for celebration. Every evening, in the bar/café, it was packed, almost everyone there, with drinks, smokes (some!), chats and laughter.

Another super-talk The Greatest Game There Is, and at the end a playful Q&A: The Art of Dying.

First days, weather not so great, we were all wrapped up outside the bar in the evenings, but then it got warm, and out came the summer wear we had all hopefully brought…

And in that week the membership of OPT 4 – beginning right now here at UNACHO – doubled…and there were new Wild Geese signing up too.

Well it was all ‘just so’. Both there on the earth where we stood, and beyond too where we all also belong.

If you were not there – what a pity! My condolences!