As usual, it was the best group ever. Well, after all, the Teacher, the Work - and the Students - must continuously unfold, and so it does. More like an X-Run, this one, than the usual easy-going Summer Festivals.

Writes my son Kozan: "A truly great Group for me." Then he says how great the sense of communion was. Both in and out of the sessions. "When you get a group of 50 or more  humans (we were nearly 70 with staff) who are all a bit in love with each other, it creates such a powerful energyfield." (Then he asks why is this so rare in our species.)

Communion there, was present to a high degree. One of the talks given there is entitled: Love Is Communion, Communion Is Love. I spoke of that - well, because it was simply the case, right there. In sessions it was for me, a single, linked, collective of eager, open and very present students. As I looked out from my place there, they were all very much part of the circle that I seemed to be the centre of - so the distance between us seemed to me as just a short shuffle. And yet...

Another short talk is called: Get This - And You're Enlightened!

(Well, first you have to get the Talk to know what it is you have to get!) Then another: When the Sky Falls In, named so because there, the cosmic energy and the world energy came together, When that happens, this is how it feels - the sky joins the earth - both in the sky and on earth!

Just now as I write, another Feedback letter comes from Midisana: "Once again I am so grateful for this wonderful Festival and your great & generous work. This makes my wish stronger & stronger to go my path with the cosmic energy. So that's how I want it to be - to give you all the feeling that this path is to be taken because it's clear what wonderful rewards it can bring.

Then she adds: I love the moment at the beginning of each seminar, the first session, the first contact with the divine energy.

Yes, that's clear, always, in each seminar. Ah! Here we are again, where we know we really belong!

I remember now the Now Training, in London in 1982, a Training I was giving for leaders of Rajneesh Centres throughout the world.

About fifty of them came. At that time I was living, with a team, in Hampstead in London, in a very nice house. People arrived and sat around in the big lounge the first evening, drinking wine and such, and chatting. When I then walked in everything immediately stopped - words, movements, wine glasses became suspended in the air unmoving, the silence as deep as the ocean. I remember then saying "If you could all now stay in this space for the rest of your lives, then we wouldn't need to go ahead with the Training, you could all go home!"

It's often like that. We start almost where we hope to finish. It's almost instantaneous. Of course, all the seminars that the participants have done before are also present there and then, and then we all have to find it again, with renewed vigour and a stronger embrace, so it can stay with us.

Then, triggered by a question from Supora, up came the need to go back sixteen billion years and to link it with us today. The Q&A got the name, The Sixteen Billion Years Questions – And Answers! So the answers came, there they were, they sounded just fine to me, so I stand by them. Who is there, who can be trusted, to refute them?!

Now we are getting towards the end of the first leg of OPT5. It goes marvellously well. We love it. Mishka was drawn home at the beginning of the week, her mother very weak. Next evening she died in her sleep - as she wanted to since a while. Naturally there were family things to be done, then Mishka returned Friday, got a quick briefing, then was in our grouproon which rightly has the name, Extraordinary Space, and where she was, after spending time with her mother after she died, was still present in her in some way, carried over to everybody there.

Next up for me, and before too long, is the Course in Love & Beauty. Lots of old friends on it, for sure, makes me feel like Fred Astaire, or Gene Kelly – my toes already twinkling...

LOVE!   Michael