Belgium :: A BLOG

Jila writes:
What a wonderful group it has been.
Your loving tender Presence did us melt
In the arms of the Divine
We all could let go
and let ourselves be embraced
Nobody cared about the cold floor in the grouproom
the noises in the corridor
the bad food –
so much Love was there in the room
warm hearts
flying souls
Wonderful days there in the Monastery
I am very grateful to have been part of it,
that you still are holding my hands
and that will be always so.

It was remarkable, young people shouting at each other as they marched up and down the corridor outside our grouproom, such noise invading  us again & again, and yet nobody took any notice,  and yes the food in the canteen there was as bad as ever – my plate filled at the beginning of each meal, still full at the end. Luckily I took my toaster so Hitsu made sure I had at least a decent breakfast. Akali motored up  from Freiburg to fix the grouproom, catch (as catch can) and a host of other things, and then there was the night ride back alone. Invaluable!

Four very special new people took Wild Goose names – and I had all four confirmations already by Wednesday, 3 days later. A record! Pranama & Leara fulfilled all that was needed on the organizational level, and so sweetly too.

And as always in the evenings we had our special meeting room where we all gathered to chat and play.

And we even had some sun there, so walks in the forest that surrounds the monastery were possible, and a delight.

Then, later on after my return, I received this letter from a participant:

Tonight I was listening to the talk you gave in Leuven on Saturday afternoon: 'Figures on the Wall'.
I came home from work, late at night. Sitting at the table in my living room. Opened my mailbox. Started listening to the talk.
I cried immediately when I heard it (same as in Leuven).
Instantly. I just kept on crying for the next two hours. 
I understood, maybe for the first time, what kind of space there is, outside our judgments and preferences.
What a potential and what an enormous space. And what a love. 
It felt like your whole work was in that twenty minutes. 
Thank you so much.

Ah! The Belgians! The easiest people to work with in the world!

LOVE Michael