The Ocean of Your Original Nature
18/5 - 31/5 2016

America is Another Country. More so for me even than Russia, Brazil, Ukraine (of course), Australia (of course) or anywhere else I go or have been, to work. South Africa lies in that direction a bit too...

The land there matters. The land features, is still in some ways supreme. Such space! Great spaces, nature somehow still predominating. Man balanced on it, still a bit precariously, I'd say. In Europe the land has been deluged by mankind, buried under wars, differences, conflicts (vote to stay in Europe, you Brits!), all the land more or less used, taken over, exploited. In America these huge open spaces look on regardless...

And then there's the materialism. Also huge. Hence Trump.

"How is it for you, working in America?" asked newish Wild Goose, Misara, at our celebratory and farewell dinner on Sunday night, our last night there. "Different," I answered.
She waited for me to go on. I did not. That was it.

We did there two seminars, one in Orange (wine) Country near San Francisco, in a place called Middletown, and then another the following weekend in Santa Fe, again at the Synergia Ranch,. Great place.

Total attendance in both places combined - around 40. Not many from a population of about 300 million, but let's hope it blows up in the time to come....

Needs to.

In California we were taken great care of by Nekai. Precious & perfect. Consummate. Then in New Mexico by our longstanding and close friends, Andrekka & Deepana, and also Donato, who with his new live-in partner, Alenya, and their combined 4 children, took wonderful care of Abechy, our younger son, who joined us for the whole two week trip, and gave him a real good time there. Hurray!

In between the two seminars we had a few days holiday south of Los Angeles in Laguna Beach - where many years ago, in my Orange Days, I did a couple of seminars with about 150 people in each. There, Mishka & Abechy had their brief scuba diving time (a joy for them both), and also a boat trip for Whale Watching, a hump-backed whale seen and then the big plus of a few hundred dolphins too, larking and diving around their boat - a real treat for them both.

For the whole eight days in so-called Sunny California, the only time I was really warm was when I was in a hot bathtub. Plus sometimes in bed too...

Part of the coldness was the state of my physical being. In the Schwarzwald, at the One Spirit Festival, where I go every year to give various sessions, there on the Monday, 16/5, after the Energy Session, followed by 5 or 6 short individual sessions, I got suddenly struck by severe back, shoulder, neck and arm pains. One day here at home next day, with all our doctors and consultants on holiday, so no help there, then next day we were off on the train to Frankfurt, and from there the 12 hour flight to San Francisco. It felt like 120 hours to me - the attraction to go there had become a tough assignment, but no way I was going to cancel. For days it was Hell on Wheels, but slowly in time there, it let me go...

Day after our arrival, Nekai had organized for me a chiropractor session in the morning, and then another with an accupuncturist in the afternoon - which gave some help. Next day another session, of massage, in which my pains were attacked with so much zeal that I felt twice as bad afterwards...

Then it was time for the first seminar up in the hills, where we lodged in the high coolness, in cold wooden huts, only the seminar itself - and the room it was in, - were a plus - with 5 Wild Geese and 6 Sannyasins - and 2 others, both of whom joined our Energyfield. One was from Las Vegas, where he had made friends with Misha, an 'original' from Kiev, and who had attended all my seminars over the last 20 years or so, and has now it seems finally fulfilled a longterm dream to emigrate to the USA. He had sent this new guy, a Lithuanian, to join us - well, America is like that, full of people from everywhere in the world, wherever you look.
God Bless Them All.

Where we were, there had been a few months before a Great Fire, destroying many houses, including those of some participants, and they all felt the work we were doing together was somehow also healing for the damaged land...

In Santa Fe we stayed mostly with Andrekka & Deepana, of Villa, Energy World and Auenhof fame, where we were treated quite royally. Simply perfect. Family. Plus Abechy buzzing with his great weekend with Donato and his families.

Then there too was my usual session from Van - the opposite of the Californian guy - just tuning into my deepest cosmic energy currents and running them through my whole system. Marvellous. Almost free of those pains then altogether.
For the Sunday night dinner we had our own room in an Italian (very rich food though) with a lady specially to take care of us, as she announced, and then enquired, "Are all you guys from Santa Fe?" "By no means!" I said. We came from England, Germany, Holland, Australia, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, and California. And peace & harmony reigned.

So it was a tough time for me, mostly. The two groups were themselves great, the people coming with openness, fully involved, enjoying from start to finish.

Next morning the drive by Andrekka to Alberqueque, from there a plane to Chicago, and then our 8-hour flight to Frankfurt, when I managing a short sleep only.

Still, on these flights, and at other times too, there was on the whole journey time for me to read 5 books, all great -including a terrific one, All That Man Is, by David Szalay, a young British author.

Train then to Freiburg, where we were met by Simitra, and then finally we were home again.

I was wiped out. Something to eat, , a meet-up with son Madi (I missed him a lot), then a short sleep, then a little post-trip action, new names and so on, the start of this blog - and then in bed by 9.

Thank God Mishka came, great helper in the seminars, connecting with the people who came, and of course taking care of me personally too.

A couple of days here now, answering all the post and so on, and then on Friday off to Austria, where I'm to be hosted once again by two old and much loved friends, Sandipa & Anuradha. Then another living year to look at....