Wilderswil was difficult. Muscle clamps had me in their hands, so it was a struggle to walk, to eat, to sleep. Fortunately Mishka was again alongside me, nothing deterring her. She became my assistant in the group too. And Dana did excellently to keep everything flowing at the group end along with other precious regulars from those attending there…

It was mostly regular Swissies there with whom it was just great to reconnect, many of them coming steadily over the last 20 years or so. There were also 4 Newies, two of whom joined up – which made me glad: really good guys, totally open the whole time.

Once again I managed the group almost entirely from my chair, but we worked throughout with energy, step by step, back and forth, to the Energy World – which is within & without. We found it again and again. Everyone present also got a personal energy session, mostly with a personal teaching added at the same time.

A highlight was the talk I gave – new, also very appropriate after the events in Paris on Friday – which then I ‘knew’ nothing about, or at least apparently…

I do recommend very much this talk to you all. It is about hidden energies lying in us since the beginning of time, and human time in particular, and how they remain there within us and can break through anytime…

Its title is Beneath The Sea.

The food there is always very good, and popular, and was again, but not for me – too many strange mixtures, so I suffered.

Probably this is the last time we go there, to the Villa Unspunnen. Apart from everything else (it is also very expensive) the location doesn’t suit me – all those huge mountains around, reducing sun time and somehow for me, enclosing, (Switzerland for me means above all – Zurich! plus of course the Tessien), so we look for a new location for next year. And we intend to reduce the group price there too.

Now next weekend, no group commitment, so less demands these days now, but lots of health sessions arranged, of different kinds, every day at least one. Hopefully between them they release the lock in my muscles, so I am again mobile, or close to it. After that comes the Enlightenment Circle, which at least is home-based, a blessing for sure.

LOVE to You All