Winter Festival 27/12/16 - 1/1/17 :: A BLOG

We were around 80, and we were from France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, The Ukraine & Australia. It was cold but no snow. Sampurna, where we were again, was warm. We of course made it warmer. As usual the name of the Group given months ago turned out to be totally appropriate: Love Is In The Air. There was a lot of it about. We of course did many things together, both in the grouproom and outside too, but maybe the outstanding feature of our days together was exactly that "Love was everywhere". There was of course much celebration, great energy sessions, crazy dancing sessions, and then the final NYE disco on top, also meals together, especially on NewYear's Eve (veggie but excellent), all that and so much more, but the outstanding feature of this 2016 Winter Festival was that the love everywhere was tangible, you could touch it in the air everywhere, even in the usual great responses to some sessions, my talk, You Are More Than Your Life, words on NYE from Mishka and then Jila, it was always there in the air. As if the love in all who were there all joined together, gathered together, lifted, and blew up into a silent and invisible (almost!) energy of music and dance and hallelujas...

I was, to be honest, somewhat exhausted at first. Mishka and I had been on a 16 day sort of 'safari' to Australia, involving, apart from the seminar in Fremantle, meeting many people, mostly close friends, so the connections and exchanges were strong, especially as most of these connections were being renewed after years, and then on top, more than - altogether - nearly 70 hours of travel time, ending with a door-to-door return journey of 33 hours, and then our return was quickly followed by the Barnett family and partners descending for nonstop partying and interacting, then at once we were off to Wiesbaden and

So what? Well I had to find new ways of working, and so this happened, producing amongst its flame the basis of a new (Invisibility) Meditation - to come. And not only that. In the group too we had one marvellous dancing session which almost took the roof off (and with so much love in the air as we danced.) Crazy, it was. Overwhelming sometimes. And at the same time, so, so sweet...all hearts open.

Afterwards, Moksha writes: "I am in the space I like. Great! Easy, playful and inspired." Who could ask for anything more? Astaranda writes: "No better place in the world than with ayou, inside and outside. To be with - no matter what." Tetra writes: "It was Love in the Air and there have been absolutely precious moments of deep freedom, ecstasy, was an adventure from the first until the last moment. It feels like always a new beginning to meet you and at the same time a tuning in to something very easy, precious and wide like an open blue sky."

We had great connections with the warm and very welcoming Parvati, the owner and manager at Sampurna, also with all the staff, who all joined us for a while on NYE. I made them all honorary Wild Gesse for our time there...

And so we go there again next year.

LOVE & A Happy New Year to You All.