Dear Wild Goose Guys,

After the WF blog went out I received some great feedbacks from participants who were there, and some of these we would like to share in this coda. Here they are:

Chetano: In the few days with you during the Winter Festival at Sampurna, it was really beautiful. I felt the cosmic heart, the cosmicness, the connection that you shared with us and let us feel great. I felt that space as a sacred place, like in a Temple. I liked the silence. I really want to thank you for what you have brought us.

Andriana: After so much love and joy and unity, I am back again. I caught a cold, but it's okay. There is still this fundamental tone of satisfaction.

Sandipa: The Winter Festival was so wonderful to be at, so intense, so deep, so full of joy, bliss and love, and silence and powerful teachings too...thank you so much to provide this space where all this can happen...I am so grateful I was there...and I am still full of it!

Jila: Nothing left to say or express about my gratitude towards you this has been a week full of Love, full of Light. We were all so close and so happy to be together, so happy to be around you. Such a great feeling to belong to this beautiful group. Your family!

Risindi: I had some experiences and encounters that were quite outstanding, like a before-midnight dance with Michael and I have simply been with him. By the end of the Winter Festival it all felt so complete and after having good sex.

Ramado: What an intense WF! I am full of gratitude, I am still completely carried by it. Especially the last 3 sessions have been full of flow. So light, so powerful, so much ONENESS. And of course the disco was totally beautiful, the team of the 4 of us was so harmonious and loving. Not only we 4 DJs, I believe all the remaining dancers have been in one flow together

Pralama: The Winter Festival was an amazing experience for me! The love that we all shared together with the peace within myself. Never have I experienced love as strong before. I felt embraced and dissolved. Completely. To the point where I had to surrender to it. I am still in this space. I am very thankful for your work and the space that you create with your being, Michael. It is so strong and absolutely beautiful.

Midisana: On New Year's Day I was picked up in Sampurna and driven to Wiesbaden by a nice taxi-driver. He said, "You are an unusual group of people, you treat each other extremely graciously and lovingly."

I replied, "Really?" because our state of being and our togetherness seemed so self-evident. Then he responded, "You all seem to float above the ground. Very extraordinary." This dialogue sparked a joy in me and the imagination of how this energy is spreading out over the city, the country, the whole planet. (This reminds me of a statement by the famous 20thC Master, George Gurdjieff. Once he was asked, "Mr Gurdjieff, how does it feel to be enlightened?" GG replied," The same as usual but with your feet floating a few centimetres above the ground." MB)

Asalonghi: Even though I was only partly in the Winter Festival, it was a special experience for me.  The group was so strong and full of love. A feeling of coming home. Although I first lay a hundred meters away in bed in Sampurna, and was then 180 kms away at home, I could feel this love and connection with you and the group very strongly. So I was New Year's Eve alone (for the first time in my life) but connected in love. A new and also beautiful experience. I am full of joy, curious and open to what is coming. (So once again the energy we connect with and create moves out into the world! Something I've always hoped for. MB)

LOVE to All once more.