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(The Wonder of Silence & Presence)  

23-28/2/17 at UNACHO  - The Big Trap

Halfway through came this talk: The Big Trap.

A beautiful massacre! (which everyone survived!)

Everything stopped. Everyone stopped. We are all in it, this trap. Everyone is in it, unknowingly. Bar just a few.

You the reader, too.

Escaping is not easy. What a price to pay!

What is this universal trap?

Get the Talk!

"Cutting vegetables in the kitchen, being in the grouproom, I didn't change focus at all.
It was completely the same.
Just awareness and presence.
Such freedom - such bliss."

"Awareness just together with presence - nothing else."

Then you have it - the door into Oneness - and the wonder comes

"The Teachings and your presence throughout the whole seminar were breathtaking, so beautiful, stronger than ever.

One session - new, first time - Michael lying on his back in the middle of the room, the group - 3 at a time - finding their way to connect. Reverse procedure!

Silence prevailed till Saturday evening, a silence enjoyed by all, enhancing presence of course. Then Saturday night a disco, run by Michael, playing only his music from his wallet, so - energy music all the time, even the dancers! (Including the house people and the kitchen helpers. Karanda: Michael, I really enjoyed your disco on Saturday night.)

On Sunday, usual personal energy sessions for all, then, instead of Q&A, feedbacks on the group from all participants, plus individual input from me too.

All like a bright satellite in the sky.


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