There was silence and silence and silence, there was action, there was much flow, there was movement, there was stillness. There were very few words from me, bar the opening outline of what we would be up to, and the Q&A as usual at the end. Apart from that – just intros to the explorations we made together. A number of them. Emphasizing in action the energy presence, again & again.

This time silence throughout, right until the very end.

The silence brought the presence, the presence brought the wonder. And presence brings silence too, even when later, there is speech. Then, as Zen says, speech & silence are both unexpectedly ch’an.

Many questions at the end this time – to break the unending silence!

In them were also reports of the experiences of people.

Here are some:

This WOSP seminar was for me moving from darkness to light.

I experienced this time presence within me. And I experienced  how powerful happiness can be in silence. To be in silence with others around me jumping around. That’s…indescribable.

When you touched me I experience my body and my being opening and the flow of cosmic light and love entering me, a great experience (a newcomer).

In this silence & presence I felt, Oh I’ve been here before, and then a little bit later, Ah! This is really my home, and then, This is everybody’s home, and then, We are all just here right now. The biggest gift was a deep feeling, even a certainty, of worth, a worth of all human beings, maybe of all life.

This time WOSP really sank in! I felt so connected & grateful. Enjoyed that the no talking lasted so long. All so wonderful.

Then Dana asked, Why do we incarnate and what is the general and individual goal? I had a lot to say about that, that it was unanswerable – and then I proceeded to answer it (Q&A title: Answering the Unanswerable).

I told them, how once in my sannyasin days I visited a sannyasin party, flat out on 3 floors. Within a minute or two of my appearing there, the whole house went totally quiet. So many other happenings like that in my life. How come?

That is the work of presence, which carries not only your own silence but also the ultimate depth of silence in the universe. It is there, and it is so powerful, it can bring the world around you to a halt. And when you’re in it, the world, – and your life – can be a wonder.

Simple! If you really take the Way there.

We were a full house, here in UNACHO, the Czech team again came to help out with all the cooking – which again was just great. I enjoyed all the meals. Also the atmosphere in the house at these times.  As for the WOSP group itself, it was like part of myself throughout.

Next up, Bremen. Tiago was there this same weekend putting on a show group for that event. Both organized as usual by Summona (Our Energy World school teacher – also of my kids who were there too), and who is still a loyal and devoted Wild Goose, like her partner, Judah. Going there, to their beautiful alternative shop these past very many years, is like another home for me…