11/4/16 to 17/4/16  

The last days of X-Run 7, the last X-Run (for now) was as it should be: intense, profound, loving, celebrative, and a delight. Glorious! We were all happy to be there together for all these days, no question. And it gathered day by day, reaching a peak at the end.

We managed to explore in new ways too, for instance: searching for the answer to the question Where am I, rather than the well-known one, Who am I? (For many this turned out to be more or less the same question, the same search.)

We did a psycho-fantasy trip together – a rare happening, been many years since – and it was the same trip I took with the famous (and, later, close friend) Jay Stattman in 1973, the outcome of which has run through my life ever since. There was a question asked, and a gift given – and every single one (of those many who later spoke) fitted perfectly (as my own did too back then). At times I had to make it clear how they fitted, the answer, the gift, what they was saying to the person, sometimes in a hidden or subtle way. Perfect. And of course the wise person they met and who pointed the Way, was always themselves…

We checked out the new Wild Goose music from the Surrender Cowboys for the new (finally!) Energy Streaming Meditation. The review afterwards was pretty varied, some wildly enthusiastic, others less so, but the overall vote was to go ahead and produce it, and this will happen soon now.

We did the SHEM Meditation, always a winner for many, and that was a communal joy. Then we also did the MESH Meditation – which is the reverse of SHEM, some of you have done it with me and know what that means. Then I wanted to combine both meditations into a new one with elements of both, but as it turned out, almost all the X-Runners did what I was going to be after in the 3rd go, in the MESH itself, they already arrived! So now we make another new meditation, to be called: The Living to be a 100 Meditation, but this only available to the initiated – which means past & present X-Runners and certain longtermers and assistants only. (For only they would be able to jump straight into it and know what to do.

The food was great, vegetarian of course with also vegan options.  Each evening I had guests, and these proved enjoyable and fruitful, as always.

Saturday evening, dinner with our 3 Ukrainians, when I heard loud clapping, a storm, and into the room where I was with my guests, alone, came all the rest of the X-Runners. A final commemoration was afoot. Jila was the MC (Master of Ceremonies), and made a sweet speech, next up was Genkano, with 48 chips of specular gypsum from Sicily, we all picking one for ourselves from the variety, and leaving us, through this ceremony, more deeply linked. Then came Examo, with his ancient gramophone, and a record from the nineteen thirties by George Formby – as soon as I heard his name I immediately broke into singing one of his famous songs: I’m leaning on a lamppost…and then came the record he had found and brought: one side: Getting more enlightened, the other side: Follow me. Which he (and everybody else) found most appropriate. Hmm! Then came a very sweet and poignant speech by Josha, very relevant, about how he had been able to find the doors into great things and success, but through his X-Runs he was now finding the doors out. – and into silence, emptiness, presence and freedom. Very nicely said it all was, too.

Then on the last morning, with almost all in white, we had our final Energy Happening, followed by a few spontaneous questions, and finally a strong and loving dance session, which I found myself able to join in a way I was unable since some time.

Arriving home, after a stop to see my friends Kali & Boaz in Hofheim – not far off – I found on arrival, Freiburg and the areas around it, were surviving floods: so much rain since ages and especially during the week I was away. But a day or two later, Endlich die Sonne, I hope where you are too. In our garden here the tulips, red & yellow, announce Spring’s true arrival with their size and colour, together with the cherry tree blossom, reflecting too the blooming and brightness of our last X-Run days.

Next up: Love & Beauty, 5 x 5 days, starting in August. And before that a new book will be out: Enlightenment in a Nutshell, a book based on the Enlightenment Circle last November, and a CD of the new Energy Streaming Mediation too.

So lots to look forward to, like, for Mishka and I (and Abechy) a 2-week trip to USA in May, with seminars in California and – again – in Santa Fe. Not to mention all the European groups coming up too. May I see you there!