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Detrapping Seminar :: A BLOG

Saint-Blancard, 7-10/9/17 :: A BLOG So there we were, already a day before, at this 'ranch', a hundred kilometres from Toulouse in south-west France, a home and working space - at times - for Wild Goose Josha, a king of consultants to Big Business, and those who run them. Here we were, Mishka and I, for the second time, with our offer to show these top, successful people in the world, CEOs and the like, how to deal with situations and personal problems they can't find a way to unravel, or solve, something inhibiting maybe their progress in their jobs, [...]

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OneLife Summer Newsletter

plus the LOVE&BEAUTY BLOG We all had a quite marvellous time. Never better. In the week before our vacation starts. Usually that's a bit of a difficult time for me; parts of me, especially my body, want to start holidaying a week before I do, but not this time. Too much joy to go with that. We spoke about Love and Beauty. That love is personal (as are also bliss and Oneness) – when they come, but beauty is not, it includes all that is seen as beautiful that is around. And as Buddha said to Ananda: IT (BEAUTY) IS [...]

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UNACHO, 1-7/8/17 :: A BLOG First morning. Mainly a new crowd of course, but 5 from the last one, OPT5, carrying straight on (we must be doing something right then). All familiar faces to me, none the less, including some past - and present, X-Runners. But a general feeling of 'Beginners'. Not to the Work of course, but to that particular mix we do in our OPTs, with Tiago, Mishka & Abava alongside... OPT5 had been terrific. Stand out. We loved it, so did they. They all flew out of the nest, singing, at the end, some reluctant to leave, [...]

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The Summer Festival 2017 :: A BLOG

YOU ARE THE WORLD The Summer Festival, 25-30/7/17 :: A BLOG I rarely listen to music on the radio, or on CDs, when I'm driving, prefer the sounds all around, but sometimes I switch on - maybe there's something I like or have liked in the past; then the day before we motored up to Parimal for the Summer Festival, in the car I switched on - and it was that well known song, part of that classic Movement for World Hunger, made with lots of famous music artists joining together, back in 1985, We Are The World - a [...]

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OPT 5 – Last Leg :: A BLOG

FIRE IN THE HOLD 15-21/7/17    23 Fires this week in 23 Holds. The heart is the seat of the soul. The soul is the beat of the heart. That's how you know how you're doing... Heart exploration then, early on, becoming the impulse for all that followed... A Zen Talk, The Perfect Consequences of Saying Yes. A real MB-old style Beat-Up "Beating them into Hell and bringing them back into the big Yes." (Tiago) Yes! Yes! Yes! - one of the Big Motives of our week together. Which included as usual the Tao Walk in the countryside, and then [...]

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Vienna Seminar :: A BLOG

Answering the Call Vienna Seminar, 7.7 - 9.7 '17 :: A BLOG Back again there in Austria to The City Itself after many group years 'in the land' - mostly in Linz, also Wolfsberg, and also Graz, and elsewhere. Must be 25 years since I last seminared here in Vienna... I found the city, light - not that I covered much city ground, geographically speaking, whilst there, but I did not need to in order to feel a new lightness - after the dark and sinister years of the late Thirties and early Forties. The new generations having created fresh [...]

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Munich Seminar :: A BLOG

THE LIFEGIVERS Munich Seminar,  30/6 - 2/7 :: A BLOG With Munich, I have what we call 'Previous' - meaning some history, maybe ancient history too... A long time back, a Wild Goose Reincarnation Therapist gave me a session in her car at the airport, on arrival there and where she had taken me to fly back home after a group happening nearby there. During that group, on both the Friday and Saturday nights, I had two of the worst nightmares of my life. This was the trigger for the session. She went wherever she goes to investigate such matters, [...]

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America Trip :: A BLOG

GOD BLESS AMERICA & WHEN THE FIRE & THE ROSE ARE ONE 9-20/6/17  :: A BLOG   Long flight to Miami, in daytime at least, the day catching up with us as we flew west, so still light on arrival, got our hired car and off we went south, Mishka driving, heading for the Keys...on the Gulf of Mexico side, sea there like a millpond, no waves whatsoever, but that's where we were at our hotel; but at least Mishka and son, Abechy - who joined us for this part of our time there - were out there on the [...]

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Music&Silence Seminar :: A BLOG

UNACHO, 25-28/5/17 :: A BLOG DEAR WILD GOOSE FRIENDS & FRIENDS OF WILD GEESE, This one was different, different from our usual happenings , and - a little surprisingly - different from the Music&Silence groups we were sharing together a decade or so ago. We spent the first half of the group searching for, in various ways, the Still Point... The Still Point? Put it this way, as the great poet T.S.Eliot does in his classic poem - my favourite of all poems ever - The Four Quartets: Except for the point, the still point, There would be no dance, [...]

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Copenhagen Seminar :: A BLOG

TO YOUR WHOLE HEART & SOUL Copenhagen Seminar, 12-14/5/17 :: A BLOG Great grouproom, big and light and airy, (if 80 steps up!) But that helps, such a good room! It's a plus. With assistants we were almost 40 - and sometimes it looked like just one when I came in. After my sannyas time, post 1982, on my own then, Denmark - and Switzerland - were my main ports of call, mostly each once a month, and some of those early birds, now friends too, continue to come again & again, so that as many as 20 of the [...]

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